Pata & Ryland
Live show and recording coming soon!!

PATA & RYLAND sound a lot like the lost soundtrack to the great American road trip as seen through the dirty windshield of an old...

Valentina Sofio

The songs are the steps that accompany the soul deep our long journey ... sometimes it does not matter if you make noise and create confusion, in fact ...

Mario Lo Cascio

Mario Lo Cascio, composer, music therapist, music producer and musician. New solo piano album "Luce Buia" is available.


Essential Improvisations
Now Available!

"Contemporary Ambient & Visual Jazz. The Essential Improvisations Project represents a collection of first take improvisations on different instruments.

HeartQuake 311
Now Video Available!

A Musical Simulation through Visual and Sound Imagination. The HQ311 Project represents our most honest, deep feelings and reactions after the great disaster happened in Japan on March 11, 2011.

New Video Available!

EN(えん) represents a on-going creation of poems, original music, songs and multi-media in Japanese language.

Ear Theater

Ear Theatre is a bi-generations, multi-influenced instrumental quartet.

Beneath The Underdog

A kaleidoscope of rock and pop infused with a touch of jazz and served over alluring electronic beats. The tracks are energetic and powerful with confident rhythms that somehow avoid frenzied or frenetic conclusions.


A collaboration with film director Andrea Giacomini.


Tribute to Congo (30 June 1960-30 June 2010 Indipendence). Based on a popular song written by Adu Elenga.

PATAHAUS x The Phanc for tom Street Artist
New Video Available!

Visual and Music for The Phantom Street Artist